WinForms Painting

by admin 28. November 2004 23:41

Just caught site of some good info on painting in WinForms on jfo's blog. In particular the posts off his old blog at and

Otherwise... I'm trying to find some time to update RikWik so I can update this site and improve some things. There's a few bugs which I'm putting off fixing until I build an entirely new version of RikWik with a lot of stuff cleaned up. There is lots of activity on RikWik at QUT but unfortunately our versions have forked and I can't just use all the great work Tim is doing. Incidently, that QUT link includes downloads for full source of a slightly older version of RikWik which you can play with yourself. Like most stuff I'm involved in, it's released under a BSD style license so go for it! We'd love feedback or contributions. Unfortunately documentation is still lacking, but hopefully one day soon...

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