by Admin 20. January 2005 06:31

The RikWareTimeSpanPicker is complete. Basically it looks like the standard DateTimePicker when it's in time format except it allows the hour section to go past 24 hours. This allows easier editing of short TimeSpans.

The whole thing is built on the UpDownBase class supplied with .NET. On top of that I had to re-implement the partial selection style that the DateTimePicker provides (ie. where you can select just the hour section and move it up and down with the buttons). Unfortunately, using the UpDownBase means no visual styles - I'm working on fixing that.

EDIT - 30 April 2008: The TimeSpanPicker control has now been released publically under a BSD license. You can find out more here - http://www.rikware.com/page/TimeSpanPicker.aspx
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