RikMigrations - There was movement at the station

by Richard Mason 28. March 2008 06:17

RikMigrations has started rolling again recently. It appears some posts on the alt.net mailing list prompted a few people to check it out and even better some have signed on to contribute as well. This prompted me to commit the changes I've made in the last few months (I'd been meaning to do it but had been lazy).

There's already the start of an msbuild task for RikMigrations and rumblings of a NANT one as well. Plus, a nice little tweak to use generics to define column types so you can do this:


And there's also discussion starting around adding some ability to populate the database with initial values in migrations as well (https://www.codeplex.com/Thread/View.aspx?ProjectName=RikMigrations&ThreadId=24868)

PS. For the non-Australians out there the title refers to a famous Australian poem.

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RikMigrations is a database migration library for .NET based on the migrations facility provided by Ruby on Rails. It allows simple upgrading and downgrading of databases using .NET code (such as VB or C#) either from the command line or built into your application. Unlike many other migration frameworks, RikMigrations is a stand-alone library which does not rely on a large surrounding framework.