PhD lags but gamin skills explode

by admin 17. February 2005 13:05

Well, my PhD is suffering from a lack of motivation and inability to force myself to work, but my gaming abilities are exploding as evidenced below:

Image lost

That's right, I've broken into the top ten of the excellent Stick Cricket. When I finished that game I was equal 9th in the world (the screenshot shows the results in the last 7 days) but since then I've been pushed down to equal 10th.

I've also come across another excellent game this week (thanks to another PhD student, Greg). Tontie is kind of like wack-a-mole gone wild. It's simple, great fun and annoyingly addictive. My current best is level 19... let me know what you get to. In fact, check out all the games on They're all fairly simple to get started and they're also refreshingly different.

Finally, I'd just like to thank (or is that to name and shame) another Ph D? student, Simon Kent (now an MS employee), who led the way in being distracted by flash games. Have you submitted yet Simon?

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