Non-Admin Wiki and RikWik Goomburra

by admin 7. March 2005 22:33

Just a quick link - the non-admin wiki ( has some useful stuff for running (and developing) as a non-admin. I still wish there was an easier way to get an administrator instance of explorer running. Currently I use runas to fire up Internet Explorer and then browse locally.

In other news, I'm almost ready to deploy a new version of RikWik. The new version is almost a complete rewrite (or at least I started a new solution and ported the old code bit by bit while adjusting). It has made some considerable improvements which really makes it stand out architecturally from other wiki implementations. For a bit of fun I've decided to start codenaming my projects - so stay tuned for when starts running RikWik: Goomburra. Special points to the first person to correctly identify where I got the name fromentries not accepted from people who I've already told.

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