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by admin 10. April 2007 23:51

I'm currently using Nozbe to keep track of things I need to get done and I'm loving it. The app is easy to use, relatively quick and accessible everywhere.

Now Nozbe is still in beta which is fair enough. And I've recently tried to take advantage of the free upgrade offered as part of the beta testing. This upgrade lets me track more projects. Unfortunately, the "Add Project" feature is no longer working. Since this is a beta it doesn't bother me too much, but I'd like to submit the bug so a) it gets fixed and b) because as a developer I know that hearing about bugs is important.

BUT, this is where the real problem is. I can't easily submit a bug report! There's no link within the app itself. A bit of searching discovered the forum has a bug area. However, to write to the forum I have to sign up. At this point I gave up and figured that somebody else will report the bug. If this was my app I'd be really annoyed with me for taking advantage of the beta stage but not reporting bugs, but it's just too hard. I should be able to just click a link, write some details about the bug and submit. No extra signup (I'm already signed up to use the app!), no searching for where to report bugs.

Anyway... I guess it's a lesson learnt for me. I'll make sure that reporting bugs is obvious and easy with my apps so I can hear about the bugs, fix them and thank my beta testers for helping out.

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