How to go from app to product

by admin 11. April 2007 06:27

With my PhD edging closer and closer to submission, I'm increasingly spending time thinking about my upcoming foray into the world of the micro ISVs. There's so many things that need to happen to take my current application and turn it into a product people would pay for. Luckily there's lots of info out there to help do that. Here's a few links to resources I'm finding helpful:

  • The Joel Test - There's heaps of good stuff on Joel on Software but this stood out as some good thinking regarding improving the coding productivity. I'll be aiming to up the score on this a bit when I start.
  • The Museum of Modern Betas - Making things look good is tough for code monkeys like me but this site collects all the web 2.0 sites together in one nice list so I can browse through and steal ideas. Oh... and it's fun playing with some of the apps too.
  • The Micro ISV Toolkit - A set of links to stuff that's supposed to be helpful for micro ISVs. Some good, some not...

I'll probably drop some more links as I find them. Plus I'll aim to blog a bit about the micro ISV process as I go through it. Of course, sometime soon I'll actually announce what I'll be actually be releasing, but I'll wait until I've pushed the PhD out of the way first.

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