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by admin 28. March 2007 01:04

In preparation for my impending completion of my PhD and subsequent move into other places I recently read Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality. Amongst other things the section on David Allen's Getting Things Done stood out to me. I'd heard of GTD before, but I tend to associate this type of thing with Brad Goodman and hence hadn't taken too much notice of it. However, when I read Bob's overview of GTD what stood out to me is how close it was to what I was already doing to improve my productivity.

Since I liked some of the ideas that came with GTD I decided I'd join the cult and see if I liked the rest of them. So for the last few days I've been searching for a method to keep my lists of things.

First I tried just using Google's online spreadsheet but found that painfully slow for cutting and pasting. Then I found BaseCamp. It worked ok but didn't have the ability to associate anything extra on the lists like time estimations or contexts. Then I found Nozbe.

Nozbe is another of the endless stream of beta web 2.0 apps, but specifically designed for supporting GTD. It lets you keep multiple lists and associate contexts with each item in the list. I could think of a few things I'd like added to it, but all in all I'm pretty happy with it. It could do with a method of deferring things till a certain date and just a basic scratchpad to jot ideas down before organising them but I'm not the only person to think that so hopefully it'll come soon.

EDIT: So there is a notes section... I just somehow didn't notice it! My new request is some manner of selecting multiple contexts at a time. e.g. I'm at work so I want to see all the tasks for "work", "just do it", "computer", "phone" etc...
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