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by admin 5. April 2004 01:19

The RikWik blogging engine now supports comments. Comments can be entered from the website or via the commentAPI which I presume most aggregators support (I've been testing from RSS Bandit). Some also some support for letting comments be entered in wiki format; however, that isn't activated for anonymous users because of potential cross-site scripting issues.

The support for this actually pushed the general RikWik architecture along a bit. RikWik now supports separate .NET objects for different page types and also makes it easier for these objects to supply their own method of rendering pages to different content types (eg. RSS). Originally this type of thing wasn't planned until the next major rewrite of RikWik.

I also had to add some extensions to the RSS.NET to allow it to write out commentAPI and Dublin Core elements. I guess I should clean these up and send them back to the RSS.NET project... I found the RSS.NET modules interface reasonably simple to use. I probably would've done it a bit different but it was pretty simple to add to. I'm not sure whether it's finalised yet or not.

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