Another Rant on CSS

by admin 29. March 2004 21:06

Once again CSS is causing me great pain. Could someone tell me how I'm supposed to specify that something should have a width of 100% + padding without causing scrollbars to appear? Shouldn't there be some way to talking about the total width of an element instead of just the width of the content of an element (of course maintaining the ability to talk about the content's width as well).

As a side note I think I've just discovered the primary benefit of a blog - to provide some manner of letting off steam without annoying anybody else.

PS. I guess if I actually wanted somebody to answer my questions I'd better implement comments in the RikWik blogging engine...

RikWik RSS Support

by admin 29. March 2004 21:00

Blogging support in RikWik has taken its next step with fully valid RSS available ( (Is it a problem when when of your mates blogs about your innovation before you? - I'm using RSS.NET to create the feed. It should be trivial to add Atom support so I'll do that sometime soonish as well.

A Succinct Definition of Mort

by admin 28. March 2004 20:46

Thanks to Eric Lippert we finally have a succinct definition of Mort (not to mention Elvis and Einstein):

the professional line-of-business programmer who lacks a degree in computer science but has a great deal of familiarity with Office and VBA, and who typically writes productivity applications shared amongst his coworkers.

Of course, I still maintain that Terry Pratchett was closer to the mark.

Homage to Kent

by admin 22. March 2004 19:53

In homage to the Microsoft bound Simon Kent I thought I'd throw up my first pointless "Stuff o' the Web" entry - More flash games from

RikWik Blogging Engine Almost There

by admin 22. March 2004 11:26

This is the first real entry done with the RikWik blogging engine. It's still not finished (ie. it needs some polishing) but it's basically there. So from now on, listen in to my ramblings on

Welcome to Richard's Blog

by admin 22. March 2004 11:23

Well since I've spent the last fortnight trying to get some nice CSS setup that will give me a header, footer and three columns without using a table (I've forgotten why I didn't want to use a table, but it was more than just "we shouldn't use tables for layout anymore" since I gave up on that excuse when I saw how poorly CSS did columns) I've given up and I'll just start writing. I should have been spending that time giving RikWik more support for writing blogs but I haven't so for the moment there's no permanent RSS feed for my ramblings. If you really feel like it then you can subscribe to but I make no promises as to how well it works.

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