by admin 21. March 2005 02:30

I came across System.Threading.Interlocked recently. Handy class for performing some basic threadsafe operations. Not sure of performance implications, but I'd much prefer correct and not super fast than super fast and incorrect.

Skin support in RikWik Goomburra

by admin 10. March 2005 02:05

I've just started hacking skin support into RikWik:Goomburra. I'm aiming at making the skin support compatible with DotNetNuke so you can take advantage of all the existing skins available there. Initial investigation looks promising, though some elements don't translate well from a portal to a Wiki.

Non-Admin Wiki and RikWik Goomburra

by admin 7. March 2005 22:33

Just a quick link - the non-admin wiki ( has some useful stuff for running (and developing) as a non-admin. I still wish there was an easier way to get an administrator instance of explorer running. Currently I use runas to fire up Internet Explorer and then browse locally.

In other news, I'm almost ready to deploy a new version of RikWik. The new version is almost a complete rewrite (or at least I started a new solution and ported the old code bit by bit while adjusting). It has made some considerable improvements which really makes it stand out architecturally from other wiki implementations. For a bit of fun I've decided to start codenaming my projects - so stay tuned for when starts running RikWik: Goomburra. Special points to the first person to correctly identify where I got the name fromentries not accepted from people who I've already told.

RikWare goes down

by admin 17. February 2005 13:09

In case you're wondering why my last n posts have reappeared... the RikWare database went down earlier tonight thanks to my ability to completely ignore warning messages. Most of the posts are back, htough some things have been lost. Luckily I had a reasonably recent backup of the database so not too much was lost.

Where am I

by admin 17. February 2005 13:07

Just jumping on the bandwagon... How can I not when Nick is on it?

image lost

Want one of your own? Check out

DUser.dll - How do we use it

by admin 17. February 2005 13:06

Doug pointed out this post to me yesterday. One of the comments caught my attention - it mentioned the Windows Direct User? Engine dll (duser.dll) which seems to be used by explorer to implement some windowless controls. Having recently played around with themed painting and discovering that uxtheme.dll (the documented source of themed painting) doesn't provide properly themed expando controls (the task lists in explorer) I decided to have a look into duser.dll.

Unfortunately while the exports list looks interesting, there is no documentation anywhere for this library. I plan on checking my Microsoft contacts to see if there's any way of getting at least a header file, but if anybody is listening and can help out then contact me ASAP.

N'Orleans Jazz

by admin 17. February 2005 13:06

I watched a Harry Connick, Jr. concert on TV. It featured a great trumpeter, Leroy Jones, who regularly tours with him. I was particularly hit by how much I enjoy New Orleans style jazz. I have one of Leroy's albums (Mo' Cream From The Crop) and it's excellent - great fun to listen to and excellent to play along with.

Nicholas Payton is the other member of my collection which has this style. I've just added some of their other albums to my list of CDs to get and I highly recommend them to others.

AusGrid Talk Complete

by admin 17. February 2005 13:06

Well, my AusGrid talk is done. Other than a stupid answer to the last question it went ok. Now I have a tiring 15 minute flight back to Brisbane...

ACSW here I come

by admin 17. February 2005 13:06

I'm headed to the Australian Computer Science Week tomorrow (actually, later today) to present a paper at AusGrid'05. The paper got some good reviews so hopefully I won't be shouted down too much. Wayne (my supervisor) put the pressure on by pointing out that my future examiners will quite likely be in the audience.

PhD lags but gamin skills explode

by admin 17. February 2005 13:05

Well, my PhD is suffering from a lack of motivation and inability to force myself to work, but my gaming abilities are exploding as evidenced below:

Image lost

That's right, I've broken into the top ten of the excellent Stick Cricket. When I finished that game I was equal 9th in the world (the screenshot shows the results in the last 7 days) but since then I've been pushed down to equal 10th.

I've also come across another excellent game this week (thanks to another PhD student, Greg). Tontie is kind of like wack-a-mole gone wild. It's simple, great fun and annoyingly addictive. My current best is level 19... let me know what you get to. In fact, check out all the games on They're all fairly simple to get started and they're also refreshingly different.

Finally, I'd just like to thank (or is that to name and shame) another Ph D? student, Simon Kent (now an MS employee), who led the way in being distracted by flash games. Have you submitted yet Simon?

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