RikWik Goomburra Almost Ready

by admin 11. August 2005 06:27

I'm almost ready to deploy an initial version of RikWik:Goomburra but I'm being thwarted by a limit on the size of file I can upload to my host to restore a database from... I'll try some other methods.

This means that hopefully within the next couple of days I'll have a version available for release. Note that this will only be an alpha version, but my initial testing is fairly positive and I really want to get something out there for people to play with - though there's probably nobody who actually wants to play with it.

I'll also try to post some of the features over the next few days.

Windows Forms Parking Window

by admin 2. August 2005 19:46

A mate of mine has been wrestling with a windows forms app recently and came across the Windows Forms Parking Window. I'm just surprised I've never come across this anywhere else.

While looking into it I found this post http://dotnet.org.za/johannds/archive/2004/03/08/650.aspx Read the comments. It's kind of amusing to see how abusive people can be just because they can't understand a blog post but think it might be able to help them (it can't... but they haven't realised that).

Referencing exe projects

by admin 21. July 2005 01:39

Richard Lowe has a nice approach to referencing .exe assembly in visual studio. This is one part of VS that I hate. I seem to remember some beta versions of VS.NET 2002 supporting references to exe projects and then it disappeared before final release. Anyway, though I haven't tried it yet this approach looks good:


Bradshaw Boots Himself Into the Lions Recordbook

by admin 2. July 2005 09:41

Just got home from watching my favourite Lion's player, Daniel Bradshaw, boot himself a club record 9 goals against Melbourne. It's nice to see some winning games at the gabba lately. This puts the lions into the top 8 as well (though they could possibly be pushed out tomorrow after the Saints-Bulldogs game). Things are looking up in Brisbane town. My favourite of the younder lions, Anthony Corrie, did well as well - even if he did manage to run too far with the ball instead of taking a shot at one stage.

Doug's A Step Closer

by admin 23. June 2005 03:20

My old team mate has made it to the Imagine Cup finals again - http://11011.net/archives/000533.html

Without me to hold him back I'm sure Doug can go all the way this year. Good Luck Doug!

I've seen a drop bear!

by admin 21. June 2005 02:41

Wow, I've never actually found a picture of one... till now - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_Bear

How to cut down blog reading time

by admin 18. June 2005 09:44

Easy - rebuild your machine and don't backup your OPML...

MSN Toolbar Tabs

by admin 10. June 2005 03:34

I recently installed the latest MSN toolbar with support tabbed browsing. Having never used a browser with tabs, I'm finding the experience... well, frankly not up to the hype - It's nice, but I can alt-tab just as quick as I can ctrl-tab (plus alt-tabs allow me to flip between windows, rather than simply cycle through them).

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. One thing I've noticed is the rather glaring flashes that happen when switching between tabs. It appears that their implementation of tabs basically consists of hiding the various IE windows and switching which one is visible when you change tabs. This means that switching tabs can be quite annoying visually and can sometimes take longer than switching windows using alt-tab).

For the moment I'll keep using them for the sole purpose that you can be reading one page while keeping track of whether another page has finished loading or not. Other than that I'm not convinced...

UI Hall of Shame

by admin 9. June 2005 20:46

In an effort to get this blog back from whatever dark recess it had retreated to, I'm going to make a simple link post. The UI Hall of Shame is a blog after my own heart. It points out how annoying some software can be when it decides to strike out on its own and create whole new, confusing, UIs instead of following the standards. However, a quick search reveals they haven't stumbled across the leader of the field - Band in a Box. The most annoying thing is that this is such a great program that it actually overcomes what is no doubt the worst windows UI I've ever come across.

IFilter for MP4

by admin 9. June 2005 09:18

I've recently switched container formats for my TV captures to MP4. Additionally I've got subtitle capturing working on my VisionPlus card so I can now store subtitles with my capture. When I mentioned this to Dominic he asked about indexing which gave me the idea of writing an IFilter for MSN desktop search to index the subtitles.... now I just have to find time to do it :)

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