Oh yeah Imagine Cup

by admin 8. June 2004 02:07

I meant to put this in the last post. It's been a couple of weeks now but I'll still let you know that Doug and I won the Australian stage of the Imagine Cup, so we're headed for Brazil! I would've mentioned this earlier but I wanted to add more trackback/pingback support to the RikWik blogging engine first - but now I'm full time on Imagine Cup work so I won't be finishing off that for a while.

Some links to other teams:

Comega and my inability to process data

by admin 8. June 2004 01:58

While wasting away time reading http://blogs.msdn.com/ I found Mike Warren's post on Comega (http://blogs.msdn.com/mattwar/archive/2004/06/07/150603.aspx) Since I'm kinda interested in the whole Polyphonic C# stuff with regards to my PhD I checked it out and wondered why I hadn't caught the renaming.

Then a double blow as I discover the third link in Google for Comega was made a month ago by the guy who sits all of 10 metres from me (http://dcooney.com/archive/2004/04/15/569.aspx) Guess that proves I don't actually take in anything I read...

Extending the CredUI Interface

by admin 19. May 2004 11:01

A couple of months ago I wanted to extend the CredUIPromptForCredentials dialog box to add an "Add new user" link to it. Well, my previous attempt failed but after stumbling across the MSDN Mag articles on extending a messagebox using hooks the solution was trivial. (http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/02/10/CuttingEdge/default.aspx and http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/02/11/CuttingEdge/default.aspx)

The link is a standard windows forms LinkLabel hosted in a WinForms panel, so basically any WinForms control could be added (though I'm unsure of the implications of hosting WinForms in a non-WinForms window - it seems to be working).

I'll post the code up soon. Leave some comments chasing me up if I forget.

Goomburra Camping and the story of Rod vs Barney

by admin 3. May 2004 20:47

Tania & I headed out to Goomburra State Forest over the weekend with Rod & Abby for camping and walking. Despite the females' doubts, we made it to Laidley Creek Falls and the excellent lookout above them. Got great views of Mt Castle, the whole of Main Range NP and through Moogerah Dam to Mt Barney & Friends (photos coming soon).

Speaking of Mt Barney... Mt Barney is basically the Mecca of South-East Qld bushwalking. It's not a simple climb (though it's no Everest). As with all bushwalking it's recommended to walk as a group. Rod Bishop, however, is more than your average bushwalker. Rod has tackled Barney on his own, after a sleepless night due to a car alarm. He battled fatigue, dehydration and hallucinations in his attempt to conquer the mighty mountain. And finally... he was conquered. But he didn't come away empty handed. Rod has many a story to tell of his trips up Mt Barney so if you ever meet him, make sure you ask.

The best bit is that Rod isn't defeated. He has already planned another attempt on Barney. And this time he's not taking no Peasant's Route (the easiest route up Barney). He's trying his hand at Eagle's Ridge - the most ardous, yet spectacular route Barney has to offer. And this time nothing will stop him!

Attributes Can Provide Code

by admin 30. April 2004 09:41

OK, the first step of Rikxtensible C# has been done. Ever wanted to print "Hello World" via an attribute? This fragment now compiles, and after running through Rikxtensible C# allows the PrivateImportAttribute to provide the code for TestMethod.

class TestClass
[PrivateImport(), MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.ForwardRef)]
static extern void TestMethod();

static void Main(string[] args)

Obviously, this is only a proof of concept at the moment but soon we'll have compile time code injection for C#.

Early RikWik Parsing

by admin 13. April 2004 18:28

Dominic's Earley parser is coming along in leaps and bounds. So is it time now to rewrite the RikWik parser? How good would it be to have a grammar for RikWik!

Easter at Swampy Elanda Point

by admin 12. April 2004 19:54

For those you of you who haven't read my non-existant "about me" page, I'm a keen bushwalker/camper, so over Easter Tania and I headed up to Elanda Point for a couple of days with some friends from church. Unfortunately, while there's plenty of space to camp up there, most of it had turned into mud. Still, that's no reason to pack up and go home after driving some three hours through Good Friday traffic.

Another couple from church chose Easter Saturday to get married (congrats to Geoff and Hayley) so most of the group left at 8AM on Saturday to drive from Elanda Point (which is just north of Noosa) to Cabarita on the Northern NSW coast for the wedding - a trip of some 280km. We had a pretty quiet day back at camp on Saturday till they returned about 9PM.

Anyway, I think this entry gives rise to two important issues. Firstly, I'm starting my Bushwalking page to keep track of my walking/camping pursuits. We're already planning to head off for some walking on the May Day weekend (just have to find somewhere to go). Secondly, I'm sure people want me to add some method of filtering out some categories from my RSS feed so they don't have to listen to my boring personal anecdotes.

Comments for RikWik Blogging

by admin 5. April 2004 01:19

The RikWik blogging engine now supports comments. Comments can be entered from the website or via the commentAPI which I presume most aggregators support (I've been testing from RSS Bandit). Some also some support for letting comments be entered in wiki format; however, that isn't activated for anonymous users because of potential cross-site scripting issues.

The support for this actually pushed the general RikWik architecture along a bit. RikWik now supports separate .NET objects for different page types and also makes it easier for these objects to supply their own method of rendering pages to different content types (eg. RSS). Originally this type of thing wasn't planned until the next major rewrite of RikWik.

I also had to add some extensions to the RSS.NET to allow it to write out commentAPI and Dublin Core elements. I guess I should clean these up and send them back to the RSS.NET project... I found the RSS.NET modules interface reasonably simple to use. I probably would've done it a bit different but it was pretty simple to add to. I'm not sure whether it's finalised yet or not.

A Resounding "Hear, Hear" for Joseph Cooney

by admin 2. April 2004 00:14

I love a good rant (NOTE: a 'good' rant, not a boring, pointless one) but I don't always have time to develop one myself. Thankfully Joseph Cooney has provided one about developers whining over "broken" APIs - http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/josephcooney/archive/2004/03/31/10410.aspx

Another Rant on CSS

by admin 29. March 2004 21:06

Once again CSS is causing me great pain. Could someone tell me how I'm supposed to specify that something should have a width of 100% + padding without causing scrollbars to appear? Shouldn't there be some way to talking about the total width of an element instead of just the width of the content of an element (of course maintaining the ability to talk about the content's width as well).

As a side note I think I've just discovered the primary benefit of a blog - to provide some manner of letting off steam without annoying anybody else.

PS. I guess if I actually wanted somebody to answer my questions I'd better implement comments in the RikWik blogging engine...

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